Alkit Confero

Alkit Confero is a multimedia communication, collaboration and conferencing tool developed by Alkit Communications. The software supports synchronous high quality audiovisual communication over IP networks, shared whiteboard, text messaging, application sharing and more. Both point-to-point and multipoint communication is supported, the latter either via IP multicast or through an RTP reflector/mixer. Session initiation and control is provided based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and media is transported using the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), which makes Confero interoperable with a multitude of other videoconferencing and VoIP applications.


The main design goals of Confero is that it should be flexible and scalable in terms of the computer hardware and peripheral devices supported, the video quality achievable, and the need for network and CPU resources. Moreover, Alkit Confero has a software design that makes it easily customizable to many different application areas, including distributed collaborative work, telemedicine and distance education.

Alkit Confero is available in two software editions: Alkit Confero Standard Edition (SE) and Alkit Confero Enterprise Edition (EE). The main differences between SE and EE are that EE supports application sharing, higher video quality (resolutions up to 1920x1080) and media streaming. Alkit Confero SE supports up to three simultaneous participants, whereas EE supports an unlimited number of conference participants. Contact Alkit Communications for information about availability and pricing.

Alkit Confero is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


For technical information about Alkit Confero and related communication, collaboration, and conferencing tools, a whitepaper is available.

Alkit Confero features:

  • Live video
    • USB, FireWire (IEEE1394), and analog (PAL/NTSC) camera support
    • High definition video support (1080i and 720p)
    • H.264, H.263, VP8, MPEG-2, MJPEG and DV video codecs
    • Quality / bandwidth trade-off
    • Saving video to disk (QuickTime movies)
  • Live audio
    • PCM-16, G.722.1, G.711, DVI, GSM and Speex audio codecs
    • Silence suppression
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Instant messaging (text chat)
  • File transfer tool
  • Shared whiteboard
  • Application sharing
    • Based on the popular VNC protocol
  • Standardized protocols
    • RTP/RTCP support  (RFC3550, RFC3551)
    • SIP support for session initiation (RFC3261)
    • H.323 support for outgoing calls
    • Interoperable with for instance Tandberg and Polycom systems
  • Multipoint communication
    • IP multicast support
    • RTP reflector/mixer support
    • Session management and Floor Control
  • Advanced features
    • Adaptive forward error correction for robust video transmission
    • Video signal pre- and postprocessing (de-interlace, sharpening, mirroring, etc.)
    • Adaptive rate control (TFRC)
    • Graphical annotations of video
    • Stereoscopic video transmission and rendering
    • Spatialized audio
    • Built-in support for controlling a remote video streaming server
    • Screen grabber for sending screen as video
    • Chroma keying
    • Open captioning
    • Remote camera control (for Sony EVID-30/31 cameras, or Sony VID P150 document camera)
    • Transparent NAT firewall traversal support
    • SOCKS5 proxy support
    • Triggering of events by motion detection and contrast detection
    • SIP registration and authentication


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Alkit Confero

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