Alkit Confero Download Page

Installation Instructions

Windows installation:

Download the installation program, execute it, and follow the instructions.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Confero, make sure that the previous installation is removed prior to installing the new version, and make sure that no software component related to Confero is running when installing. Specifically, check that the Invito SIP user agent program is not running in the background on your computer. (You can see a flower icon on the System Tray if it is running.) From version 3.30 onwards, the Alkit Confero installation program includes a Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistribution package needed by Confero.

Mac OS X installation

Download the installation package confero-mac-X.XX.dmg and double click on it in the Finder. Drag the 'confero' directory to where you want confero to be installed, e.g. in the '/Applications' directory. Start confero by double clicking the '' icon in the confero directory.

Unix installation:

Download the gzipped tarfile. Then unzip and untar the distribution by typing:

gzip -d conferoXX.tar.gz
tar xf conferoXX.tar
(XX is the version number + platform name.)

Then set the environment variable CONFERO_HOME to the installation path (i.e. in csh or tcsh write 'setenv CONFERO_HOME /path/to/confero'. The executable is called 'confero' and resides in the 'bin' directory.

Obtaining and installing a license

Without a valid license file, Confero asks the user to provide a license file, or to go into evaluation mode, which means that you can only use it for 15 minutes at a time, and you can only use it during a seven days evaluation period. After that you need to get a license.

To obtain a license (either a 30-day trial license or a permanent license) contact Alkit Communications technical support at To install the license, just follow the instructions when starting Confero. Alternatively, you can put the license file in the Alkit Confero installation directory, in the subdirectory "info". The full path to the license file should be CONFERO_HOME/info/license (on Unix systems) or CONFERO_HOME\info\license.dat (on Windows systems). On Windows systems the CONFERO_HOME environment variable can be found through the control panel (System/Advanced/Environment Variables).

For a node-locked license to work, the MAC address of the network card in the computer need to be provided. You can use the ipconfig command or the get_node_id program to read the MAC address on Windows machines. Trial licenses can be generated without the MAC address.


Beta releases


System Requirements / Notes

When using USB cameras on Windows, you should generally use the 'Generic DirectShow' grabber; the 'Video for Windows' grabber is mainly for backwards compatibility with older cameras.

For the Linux version, you need to have the PWC module installed (see

If you have a Matrox video board (Meteor II, Orion, Morphis, CronosPlus, Vio), you will need to install the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) runtime environment (i.e. board drivers). You can find the MIL 8.0 runtime here.

If the colors in the video window appear strange, you might need to configure the graphics card to use 32 (or 24) bits of color depth. You do this in Windows by right clicking on the desktop backdrop, choosing 'Properties', and then 'Settings'. Set the 'Color' selection pulldown to 'True Color' (32 bits).

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